E3 2016 Coverage - June 2016 - LL

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E3 2016 Coverage - June 2016 - LL

a Quick update regarding the E3:

E3expo com header

i will cover some parts of this years E3 on the homepage (blog) of LolindirLink.com

a short summary of some titles that i will certainly cover (& more)
ZeldaU, Mafia 3, BF1, ELEX, VR, PS4.5, Xbox One Slim, WatchDogs 2, Final Fantasy(s), Kingdom Hearts', Pokemon, Yooka Laylee, Elder Scrolls next, Dreams, indie, & more.

don't expect many in-depth info. just a summery of a few big titles to me personally with some extensions.
some games (ZeldaU, & Mafia 3) will get their in-depth pages on LL.com anyways.
Livestream for ZeldaU & Mafia 3 are planned, as well as side-video's like tips & tricks, secrets, eastereggs and so on are scheduled around their respective releasedates.
you can always request more coverage on any title. donations will speed the process but are not necessary.

i will be live during all E3 livestreams, directly covering everything as fast as possible.
so please, stay tuned for this little.. experiment if you will.