A New (Android) App scheduled for release!

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A New (Android) App scheduled for release!

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P.s. -I'm trying to keep these posts fairly short, The more i might use it. (and/or switch to a https forum soon!)

You see, I am a cat-lover, first and foremost.
I grew up between approximately 10 cats on average ever since i was first born. (And here's how.)
I've always observed cats of different races with great interest.
And even grew (Extremely) heavily attached to my own cat.
Naturally, this would combine with my other greatest passion/hobby: Games!
So i played a couple of cat games over the course of years, and they're pretty nice. fun.

However, "Every" major Cat game for Mobile phones currently on the market lacks a great deal of what impersonates a cat. And that's his personality.
A tamagotchi for example, isn't going to do enough to represent a cat enough in my opinion.
These games also miss a few basic stats, But stats shouldn't be all over your face in menu's. (It's not a Rogue-like right?).
Tese games also lack Interaction with the player, (Washing/petting doesn't count) And they don't actually learn. (RPG's)

So i'm giving it a go and see how it goes. It's the only way to find out anyways.
Here's a small list of expected content:
- Collectable cats.
- Cats are not items, They are NPC's in terms of programming.
- At least 3 cats onscreen. (Or more; depending on people's interests and performance ratio.)
- Multiple area's to choose from / (explore).
- Multiple Ingame collectables to customize or interact with the cats.
- The cats have stats similar to RPG games. but are not directly controllable, unless picked up.

Any form of multiplayer is in consideration as it's natural for games anno this year to include.
However, I'm not the multiplayer-type of guy. since i don't have the friends .
So i won't put a big priority there. just looking at possibilities that are less prone to bugs, and quite easy to implement the current already-heavy code.
More soon! and possibly on a different forum!

I can't put myself to showing Alpha content that totally mispresents the game.
I always keep old backups and export on a daily basic so there's always content left.
I might want to collect them in one place some day...
anyways, off for now!