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90 Degrees app Live @ Google play store

 90 Degrees App

My app "90 Degrees" should go live any moment these days in the Google Play Store.

But, the open Beta is available now!

if you feel like playing a random simple, ADDICTIVE! (i hope) Easy-to-pickup, hard(er)-to-master and "Collect them all" kind of game? -with Free updates? -and

then feel free to try it out!

Open Beta Test unlisted Link: (but feel free to share it ofcourse)

Some notes to say:

- The "Black levels" should be avoided.

- First [Free] Update going live in August.

- Savegame might go corrupt, there's a backup plan for savegames but it's not a guarentee at this point.

- Leaderboards, Achievements, "Black Lvls", to be enabled before it leaves Beta.

- Musicplayer bug has haunted me over and over. likely close to stabile now.

Some screenshots from build v0.9.26:
90 Degrees Screenshot 3 (23-7-2016)
90 Degrees Screenshot 3 (23-7-2016)
90 Degrees Screenshot 3 (23-7-2016)

 Feedback is always welcome! @ Contact@LolindirLink.com

Website: http://www.LolindirLink.com - (Soon)www.90.LolindirLink.com(Soon Live)